How Headies Boutique went from a dream to a reality.

One day, two friends got together and dreamed about a destination offering for the public that brought back the vibe of the old days, provided a window into the future and brought both spiritual and physical wellness to those who visited.

These two friends banged their heads together, dreamed out loud, and shared their visions with each other. Artistic, functional, enlightening and uplifting became the driving forces behind the plan and design. These properties are the essence of what it means to be ‘Heady’.

They filled it with an eclectic collection of offerings focused on these principals, and the place became more of a boutique than a standard shop or destination.

The first items selected were hand crafted items like soaps and artistic glass. Adding striking art work along with simple, but beautiful clothing in order to make it a great place to browse and wander was next.

The highlight of the store was then added, a Wellness Farmacy filled with naturally derived wellness products.

And Headie’s Boutique was born in downtown Palm Springs, CA

A museum about Hemp and Cannabis was added in the back of the store, bringing educational enrichment to our guests. There are examples of historical and current uses for industrial hemp as well as great pieces of culturally influenced art and literature on display.

The museum proudly displays old copies of Jack Herrer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, while also playing on loop the movie adaptation of this highly informative piece of literature.

Admission to the museum is free.

One more stop to check out in Headie’s Boutique is the Black Light Gallery. Filled with nostalgic art posters from the 60’s, artistic glass, clothing and other art, all that reacts to black light. It’s a blast from the past or a rocket to another world for those who weren’t in the 60’s!

A vast array of wellness products for your every need are always available, along with a trained staff that can help visitors decide what would be best for their needs.

Hal and Derek invite you to come by and visit Headie’s Boutique whenever you find yourself in sunny Palm Springs.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Our premium CBD products are made with love.

For you. For our furry friends. For our world.

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