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Featuring glass, clothing and art – beautiful pieces you can look at, wear, and enjoy. Check out our T-shirts, dresses, burlap bags, hacky sacks and more.

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Premium CBD Topicals

Our premium CBD topicals include balms, creams, massage oils, bath soaks and more, all infused with CBD and ready to help you find relaxation and relief.

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Premium CBD pet products

Chews, treats and oils just for your four-legged best friends, all infused with CBD and ready to help them find relaxation and relief.

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Premium CBD Nutriments

Our premium CBD nutriments (nourishment or sustenance) include lozenges, honey, isolates, tinctures, capsules, and more, all infused with CBD and ready to help you find relaxation and relief.

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This shop is wonderful!!! But it’s the people who work there that make it AMAZING!!! Such special people who care deeply for others and believe 100% in the products they sell.

Jill K

Such a unique store on this strip! With tons of CBD infused products. The owner is extremely knowledgeable of the products and the space hes in.

Eva H.

I was most impressed with the very knowledgeable young lady who answered ALL my questions. I purchased a salve and  a CBD tincture and I have definitely benefited from their use. The store offers a variety of non-THC products.

Linda M.

Really great (and patient) staff! I couldn’t decide on what CBD products to get my cat (I know, I know) and they spent time discussing various options and ideas with me. My cat loves her CBD pumpkin treats

Courtney B.

Lots of great potent CBD products and other hemp/terpene infused items. Friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

Robert D.

Absolute knowledge  of the industry and with CBD’s. Come in and get your anti inflammatory CBD balm.

Murray M.

What is hemp CBD?

When it comes to chronic pain relief, there may be no safer or more effective solution than CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in both cannabis and hemp plants. It’s become a favorite of those who desire the pain relieving benefits of cannabis without the debilitating high typically associated with cannabis use. That’s exactly what you get with hemp CBD.

For more information, please watch our two minute video explaining how hemp CBD can help you feel better without giving you the feeling of being high.

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Our premium CBD products are made with love.

For you. For our furry friends. For our world.

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